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We’re Glee Factor

A group of experience designers and producers who are reinventing team building activities to reframe discussions around work culture and soft skills to foster togetherness. Our interactive activities let participants learn through action, leading to memorable experiences and lasting, meaningful connections. Because connection and growth are more likely to happen during moments of glee.

We Bring People Together &
Help them Connect, Play, Grow

We Bring People Together
& Help them
Connect, Play, Grow

Our activities are human-centred and
engineered to raise awareness about cultural topics, encourage individual and collective reflection and stimulate conversation.

No two teams are alike and neither are our programs. Each is sustainable, customizable, creative and diverse.

We work with leaders and organizations of all sizes to craft learning experiences that help to build a stronger sense of community. Using play as a tool, we create a low-risk space that inspires people to imagine a more human workplace.

Let’s connect, play and grow — together.

Our Programs

Creating thriving work cultures and meaningful connections doesn’t happen

Our programs aim to create a feeling of belonging and the possibilities that
come with it. When we feel safe, we feel expansive, ideas flow and we create
deeper bonds with those around us.

Which is why we offer long-term programs with a variety of GleeLabs and
GleeCorners on a frequent basis to develop sustainable work relationships.



Engineered for up to 30 people, Labs are human-centred team building activities that use art and culture to improve team dynamics, discuss work culture topics and soft skills. Empathy, purpose and inclusion are just some of the topics covered.



Designed for teams of 50 plus, Gleeful stations create a meaningful break for participants through interactive exercises. Combined with GleeLabs they keep conversations and connections alive.


A combination of GleeLabs and GleeCorners, offered four times a year.


Six services per year offered every other month. Depending on team size and mandate, a variation of GleeLabs and GleeCorners can be offered.


12 unique monthly
services — both GleeLabs a
and GleeCorners — because consistency and commitment are key.

All of our programs are customized, personalized and flexible to your team’s size. Contact us to discuss details!

How We Connect, Play, Grow

Our services are creative, playful and practical!

We’ve designed and engineered our experiences with the pillars, connect, play, grow, to encourage participants to learn through action and practice. Glee Factor is about getting actively involved in the culture you want to create.

To design our services, we interviewed hundreds of professionals, conducted focus groups with our clients, read a ton of insightful books and articles and spoke to people at our events. Our findings identified workplace glee factors that help people stay engaged, productive and to feel inspired.

Of all the possible glee factors we choose to focus on social wellbeing. Our objective is to bring your team together by exploring topics that enable flourishing collective cultures.

How It

To create a gleeful, human workplace, we need to celebrate what it means to be human. Everything we design has the basic senses at its core: sight, touch, smell hearing and taste.

We believe in creating a community where everyone belongs and comes to work as who they are. Everything we design includes pieces of individual identities — adding a favourite spice to a team recipe, for example — to create a collective identity.

Some of the Stuff We Do

Activities Topics Sense
Build your team’s portrait Vulnerability, Empathy, Communication
Build your team’s recipe Diversity, Inclusion, Culture
Build your team’s cocktails Values, Essence


Develop connections and meaningful exchanges in an open and safe space.

Create memorable, gleeful moments through play while collectively building a project.

Establish simple steps that can be taken towards change.