Our Mission

Bringing togetherness to teams through inclusive, thoughtful and creative activities and experiences that raise real questions about work culture and help to create more authentic teams and leaders.

Our Values

We believe that organizations and companies can have an impact on the world, beyond their products and services, by supporting causes that matter. Of all the different causes to support what could be more accessible and meaningful to companies than investing in the well-being of their people while growing their business? With this approach, not only can we create successful businesses, but we can develop engaged employees and gleeful citizens.

The values that we hold at Glee Factor help us to practice this holistic approach daily. As connectors, moment creators and educators, we strive to be:

Caring and Curious

We approach projects, people, problems with compassion and empathy so we can find solutions that work for everyone. And we view everything through a lens of curiosity

Playful and Gleeful

We agree that “the true object of human life is play” and we make it a priority.

Authentically Human

We believe in being inclusive and on bringing our whole selves to work. The more authentic we are, the more we’re able to ignite authenticity in others.

Courageously Creative

We practice vulnerability daily, and as a result we use courage and creativity to find unconventional paths to the right solutions

Our Story

I’m Nogol Madani, the founder of Glee Factor. I was a young engineering professional and after years of experience in various roles, I became curious about the concept of work culture. I started to observe team dynamics and company cultures thoroughly and realized that organizations were continually searching for new ways to develop and engage talent. But those methods did not always resonate with the 21st-century workforce.

I began to wonder if there was a better way to encourage employee engagement and growth and I started looking for a solution. A way to bridge the expectations of the traditional business world with the new generation’s desire for work environments that allow them to grow personally and professionally, build meaningful relationships, and be part of an impactful community.

The solution was Glee Factor.

I believe it’s time for us to be more creative in how we build our working environments and in how we work as teams and organizations. And that’s precisely where my team and I can help.