About us


My name is Nogol Madani and I am the founder of Glee Factor. Like most entrepreneurs, I founded Glee Factor to address the issues and needs which concern me directly. I am an engineer by trade, but my work in the mining industry left me unfulfilled. I interrupted my career and started rethinking my whole relationship to work and life.

I realized that personal, professional and financial growth is only meaningful and fulfilling once we are self-aware, connected to others and following a bigger purpose. That is exactly what I want to experience with our community at Glee Factor. I want to help individuals rediscover themselves and grow into the best people and professionals they can be. I also believe that true leadership in the 21st century means being responsible for your team’s growth, glee and fulfilment. That is why, besides working with individuals, I offer assistance to businesses. By embracing the energy, the particularities and the strength of a new generation in the workforce, I believe we can create a culture of development and growth.