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About us

My name is Nogol Madani and I am the founder of Glee Factor. Like most entrepreneurs, I founded Glee Factor to address the issues and needs which concern me directly. These days, Organizations are in constant search of new ways to increase employee engagement and productivity especially among the new generation of workforce. On the other hand, professionals, especially millennials, are more engaged and productive when their work environment allows them to grow personally and professionally, build meaningful relations, taste new experiences, and be part of an impactful community. These are all criteria that were less sought for in the previous generations.

Being a young professional myself with many years of experience in different industries, I have become interested in finding a solution to marry the two worlds; The traditional minded world of business with that of the young talents armed with their new paradigm. Through Glee Factor, I conducted an extensive research to identify the factors of glee among employees and leaders. Based on the results of my research, we developed services and products which can lead to a win-win situation for both sides. But how?

Studies show that the future of work is human. At Glee Factor this means that organizations are living organisms with souls. They have their own sound, color, taste, and even their own co-created cocktail! Employees are at the core of this living soul where emotions, conversations, connections, and laughters are shared! Sound surreal? It might be. But isn’t it about time to compliment happy hours, bowling nights, and golf tournaments with more soul building gleeful experiences? I truly believe that it is time for us to be more creative in how we build our working environments, and that’s precisely where my team and I can help you with 🙂