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A Deloitte 2016 survey reveals that two thirds of Millennials express a desire to leave their organization by 2020. At Glee Factor, we realize that the new generation of employees are evaluating their work life under new factors. They identify “flexible working conditions and work/life integration” as the No. 1 way organizations would have to change to improve retention. Factors like purpose, skill alignment, innovation, and wellbeing are becoming more and more important.

With this mindset, the new workforce generation is seeking connection, development and growth. Glee Factor assists businesses who wish to improve their leadership and cultivate a work culture that addresses these needs and issues.

We also understand that there are clear neurological links between feelings, thoughts, and actions. Happier people have better performance. We use this fact to design our experiences and communicate with our clients.

Our services explore a variety of employee development aspects such as team building, and wellbeing. The activities we bring are always playful. They equip employees with the tools to connect, play and grow. By improving employee engagement, awareness and happiness, we increase performance for more successful businesses.

Allow your team to connect, play and grow